Unable to update Time Spent value through IssueService

Hello everyone,

I could use some help with my script listener implementation.

I’m trying to create a listener, that sums up Original Estimate, Remaining Estimate and Time Spent values from linked issues to a Feature issue. Everything else seems to be working as expected, but for some reason timeSpent value cannot be updated through IssueService or IssueManager. When updating the value through mutableIssue and using deprecated store() method to save the value, it seems to be working. However, I would like to use the IssueService and its update() method.

Code examples to explain my problem:

def param = issueService.newIssueInputParameters()
param.setSkipScreenCheck(true) 			// No effect
param.setTimeSpent((Long) 1800)		
param.setOriginalAndRemainingEstimate(secondsToTimeString(10800), secondsToTimeString(7200))

log.warn(param.getTimeSpent())			// Returns 1800 (correct)
log.warn(param.getOriginalEstimate()) 	// Returns 10800 (correct)

def result = issueService.validateUpdate(user, mutableIssue.id, param)
log.warn(result.isValid()) 				// Returns true
def updatedIssue
if (result.isValid()) {
    updatedIssue = issueService.update(user, result)

log.warn(updatedIssue.isValid()) 		// Returns true
log.warn(updatedIssue.getIssue().getTimeSpent())	// Returns 4000 (incorrect)

mutableIssue.setTimeSpent((Long) 3600)
mutableIssue.setEstimate((Long) 7200)
log.warn(mutableIssue.getTimeSpent()) 			// Returns 3600
log.warn(issueManager.isEditable(mutableIssue)) // Returns true

// mutableIssue.store() 						// This updates both values and works as expected

Issue updatedIssue = issueManager.updateIssue( 	// This updates only the estimate value, why?

log.warn(updatedIssue.getTimeSpent()) 			// Returns 3600 (correct)

Log work and Time Tracking fields are present on the project screens and I’ve also tried, without success, to skip screen check with IssueParameters setSkipScreenCheck() method. Script’s user also has permissions to edit and log work on issue. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks you in advance!


I have the same problem. Could you solve it?

Hi Markus,

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to solve it the way I wanted. I was forced to use deprecated store() method and issueEventManager to fire the issue updated event manually.

Let me know if you came up with any other solutions!