Unable to use REST API

I am attempting to use the API documentation to build a process that can pull all users for audit, but when I use the information posted here: https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/jira/platform/rest/v3/#api-rest-api-3-users-search-get

I made it further when I figured out that the query is not to API.atlassian.co_ but to my actual sitename .atlassian.net now I am getting

Basic auth with password is not allowed on this instance

What do I need to configure to get past this?

  • For basic auth, you need username and password. Username is email ID of your Atlassian account. And password is the API token. Go to https://id.atlassian.com/manage/api-tokens in order to manage the API tokens for the Atlassian account you are logged in at the moment.

  • You also need to give special permission to your Atlassian account to make this call. As mentioned in API doc:

Permissions required: Browse users and groups global permission. Anonymous calls or calls by users without the required permission return empty search results.

You can find out about managing global permissions here.

  • Then you should be able to make API call something like this:
curl -D- \
   -u fred@example.com:freds_api_token \
   -X GET \
   -H "Content-Type: application/json" \

Let us know if you still face any issue.

@aagrawal2. Thank you for your response… Getting newbies up to speed is never simple. I reformatted your curl command to

curl -D- -u user.name@my-site.atlassian.net:my-api-token -X GET -H "Content-Type: application/json" https://my-site.atlassian.net/rest/api/3/users/search

The API token is from the https://id.atlassian.com/manage/api-tokens location.

I am in the site-admins group and that group has every global permission but I am still getting

99 {"errorMessages":["error.no-permission"],"errors":{}}

Interestingly, when I run the request using the python example, it works with no issues.

In this, username seems to be incorrect. It’s not supposed to be user.name@my-site.atlassian.net but something like user.name@your-domain.com. It has to be the email ID of your atlassian account. I gave it a try with above command and it worked.

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You total nailed it! Thank you so much for your help!