Unannounced change to v2 page properties API last weekend broke our app

Our app (eSign for Confluence) is experiencing a partial outage since Saturday as we are unable to save page (entity) properties containing unicode cleanly. It appears that the v2 page properties API behavior changed suddenly and now unicode characters are being corrupted (i.e. what you store is not what you get back).

If your apps happen to use content/page properties and may store extended characters often found in user display names, you may be impacted.

Attached is an api screenshot showing the unicode corruption behavior with a POST to the new V2 page properties API and the return value from Confluence .

Incident has been raised with Atlassian but we are still waiting on acknowledgement that a change was made to the V2 page properties API last weekend so they can roll back whatever was done.

The team here is regretting putting in all the work to switch to the V2 API. The (deprecated) V1 content properties API is still working properly.

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I’ve encountered a similar issue about the REST API OAuth 2.0 scope change (Get all boards). Where can I get the latest upgrade to REST API? @Atlassian Developers

@Chris_at_DigitalRose and @YY1,

Can you each report your issues to developer support?

Hi @ibuchanan
Thanks for your feedback. I’ve looked into this issue and fixed as per the latest intro of REST API scope. I just want to know where to get the announcement of any REST API change? Maybe it’s better that I can subcribe the changes through emails.


You can find changes on the changelog. It doesn’t feature any native email subscription capability but there’s RSS.


I have the same issue here with creating pages via REST v2 API. See the attached screenshot.

Is this already fixed? And if yes, when the fix is public available?


I’m afraid I don’t know anything about this problem. There aren’t any known incidents showing up on Statuspage right now:

So I think we need the “formal signal” in the form of a ticket with developer support. If they decide to open an incident, open a bug, or find another solution, please do let us know back here.

I have raised an issue here, because the behaviour can reproduced by postman: Jira Service Management

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Incident ECOHELP-35105 was raised 8 hours ago.

No update from Atlassian so far after the initial confirmation that they are looking into it. We did retest a few minutes ago that the corrupted JSON behavior is still present in the v2 page properties API.

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Update: Atlassian has posted a public incident related to this on the status page: Atlassian Developer Status - Confluence Cloud V2 API Encoding Issue

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contentType: ‘application/json;charset=UTF-8’

seems to get it working again in the case of api/v2/pages, might work for all.


I can confirm this. Tried it out via Postman and the page title seems to be ok. But better it will fixed globally by the Atlassian guys before we need to change our codebase.

Update: Atlassian has fixed the API encoding issue. Details on the incident link above.