Unauthorized: could not find stored client data for ... is this client registered?

Hello y’all!

I am developing an app for jira software. I am able to install the app and use it on a project fine, however if the server I am hosting it on terminates and restarts, the app gives the following error:

unauthorized: could not find stored client data for … is this client registered?

I readthis post but I never had a /installed endpoint in my app.js?

I am hosting it on AWS ec2 instance. I have set NODE_ENV=production. In the config.json. I commented out the section with the database because my app does not require a database, is that what is causing this issue? Is so, is there any way to resolve this issue without adding a database?

Thank you guys in advance.

See When should I have to delete and reinstall the app?

I know this is an old topic, but I also encounter the same issue as described by you but I’m hosting my app on GKE.
At first everything runs fine after installing the app from private listing by uploading via the atlasian-connect.json url, but after say three weeks suddenly this message shows up.
I’m totally clueless now.

Do you have a db outside of your cluster that maintains state between restarts?

I’m currently using a postgress deployment in the same cluster in which the app can connect and store information to the “AddonSettings” table.
I’m not sure what you mean by maintaining state between restarts.
Both deployments are on the same cluster under the same namespace.
The database has a persistent volume claim, so data should be still intact in the event when a container has restarted.

JWT is so buggy