Unauthorized for read-only workspace

I feel like this is a new error that I haven’t seen before. I’m trying to POST a new comment to card:

Unauthorized: Unauthorized for read-only workspace at
POST https://api.trello.com/1/cards/[REDACTED]/actions/comments (HTTP status: 401)

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Hi @Mattlassian (BTW, amazing username). Taking a closer look at this to see what I can find.

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It might be related to this broader update related to free workspaces and collaborator limits:

One way to corroborate if this is what’s causing your issue is to view the board in the UI (or ask the end-user to if you don’t have access) to see if some banners/modals are present stating that it is read only. Can you check that and let me know?

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Thanks for the speedy reply @nmansilla ! I will reach out to my user and see if that’s it.

W are having the same issue on our workspace, nothing works. Please help :frowning:

Hello, same problem. I only have 1 board for personal use and I checked that I am in the workspace alone. But I can’t add a new card, change the description, nothing. When I try to add a new card, it disappears immediately after adding it. When I try to change the description of an existing card, I also get the message “Unauthorized for read-only workspace”. I am an admin in my workspace, no other users are there and it hasn’t worked like this for about a week. If this doesn’t get fixed soon, I’ll have to look for something else, because I need this system to do my job :confused:

Okay, so I guess I figured it out on my own. I created a new board and from that moment the previous board started working. So all the things I couldn’t save before suddenly are able to save, new tabs and carda can be created now too. I have no idea what happened, but creating a new board and then deleting it probably fixed the original board somehow. :thinking: