Unauthorized; scope does not match (Confluence)

I have a Jira 3LO integration and I have added a query to get the Confluence spaces, and added the appropriate permissions to the OAuth integration in the developer console. The classic “read:confluence-space.summary” should be sufficient but I also added the granular “read:space:confluence”. I now get the error “Unauthorized; scope does not match” but I have no idea which scope is a problem.

PS: I notice that the “Authorization URL generator” in the developer console creates multiple different authorisation URLs. Why is that? I assume it is possible to grant all in one request, and the Atlassian consent form UI shows all the scopes requested.

At this point I don’t know how to narrow this down. Any ideas or tips?

I am using this URL for the Confluence queries:

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please use /wiki/api/v2/spaces after cloud id if you are using rest api v2 and granular scopes
no need to add the classic scope