"Unauthorized; scope does not match" error during page creation


I’ve faced problem with creating page in Confluence from the Jira custom UI Forge app.
I’ve receiving error 401: “Unauthorized; scope does not match” despite of fact that app is already installed in both Jira and Confluence with properly permission scopes.

This is my manifest.yml file:

    - read:jira-user
    - read:project-version:jira
    - read:template:confluence
    - read:content-details:confluence
    - write:content:confluence

I’m using api and route methods from “@forge/api” package.
I’ve tried also with requestConfluence method from the “@forge/bridge” package but the result is the same.

App is created for Jira, but when I added additional scopes, then app has been installed also in Confluence. Other requests (GET) to Confluence works correctly.

Do you know any idea what I doing wrong?

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Problem was caused by permission scopes of course. I don’t remember which scope was missing but it’s no matter.