Understanding REST API /rest/servicedeskapi/organization

I am trying to use the create organization service desk api to create a organization which is no where in Jira.

URL: /rest/servicedeskapi/organization
Request: {“name”: “Test Org 2”}

The response says it worked:
“_links”: {
“self”: “https://{domain}/rest/servicedeskapi/organization/53”
“id”: “53”,
“name”: “Test Org 2”

But a GET of rest/servicedeskapi/organization does not return the organization, it returns all the other ones created with the UI. While I am not a Jira admin, I am not seeing the organization in Jira either.

One other interesting point: When I rerun the POST, it always returns the same id of 53. So it looks to me like the system knows that Test Org 2 is there, but not fully there.

Is there something that needs to be done before the call to the JSP API to make this work?

Hey mate,

We’re seeing the same issue in our testing on Jira Software 8.20.6 - are you seeing this issue on that same version?

If you’re seeing the same issue on your end that we are, you should be able to to see the organization you have created with your POST at:

But the organization created via REST API does not show up in https://{domain}/projects/{projectkey}/customers GUI along with organizations created via the GUI