Unexpected "FUNCTION_ERR" with Atlassian Forge API - Seeking Insight

Hi all,

I’m facing an unexpected issue with the Atlassian Forge API, which I’ve never encountered before. My marketplace app, which has been functioning perfectly up to this point and hasn’t had any recent code changes, has started to produce a puzzling error.

Here’s the error log:

  "message": "An unexpected error occurred",
  "name": "FUNCTION_ERR",
  "stack": "Error: An unexpected error occurred
 at Function.forErrorCode (index.js:2922:16)
 at assertNoErrors (index.js:2945:33)
 at getResponseBody (index.js:2960:5)
 at async GlobalStorage.query (index.js:3053:16)
 at async GlobalStorage.getInternal (index.js:3034:48)
 at async getCustomFunction (index.js:41018:15)
 at async index.js:41482:90
 at async index.js:4058:21
 at async asyncMap (index.js:3989:24)
 at async index.js:4010:29",

A few points to consider:

  • The error seems related to the GlobalStorage.query function (Atlassian’s end).
  • The app has been stable, and there haven’t been any recent changes on our end for a month orso.
  • This behaviour started somewhere in the last 2-3 days.
  • It’s reproducible (happening) on both dev as production.

I’ve thoroughly checked Forge API’s recent updates and couldn’t find any changes that could lead to this behavior. Has anyone else faced a similar issue? Any insights or suggestions would be immensely appreciated. I’m trying to identify if this is a broader problem with the Forge API or something specific to my setup.

Thank you for your assistance!


this is a global incident. Just wait until Atlassian fixes it :slight_smile:

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