Unexpected/unwanted/harmfu Jira project REST API changes we encountered with today

Hi Atlassian,

Today we and all of our customers have been suddenly blocked (feedback and support request processing) by unexpected Jira REST API change.
Because /rest/api/2/project/{idOrKey} issueTypes suddenly became expandable.

The docs is updated for now.
Good job.

But how we can predict such destructive api changes?

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No related announcements here https://community.developer.atlassian.com/tags/announcement

As for now, I know about at least 2 of our Cloud add-ons affected by this issue. More over, we should review all the functionality uses REST apis.

Atlassian could you please share recent Jira Cloud API changelog with us?

If changes like this are going to be made we need to be aware before they roll out. We are affected by this too. My strong advice would be to have issue types expanded by default so not to break things.

Thanks for raising this @dzagorovsky.

I’m looking into what happened with announcing this.
How are you impacted by this? Is it because your app is now no longer working due to it using this REST API?

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I’m also having problems, my plugin stopped working because of the missing issue types. I have put in a temporary fix by using the issuetypes api but that gets all issue types

We have 2 apps which are using /rest/api/2/project/{idOrKey} to get appropriate issue type and then pass it to a create issue request. NPE on create issue stage as a result of API change.

Thanks for the clarification @dzagorovsky

You can fix it using expand query parameter:

We’ve turned off this feature flag while we investigate this further.
Everything should work again.

Please let me know if you are still encountering problems.

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Thanks, that fixed the problem

The unexpected change to the REST API broke our application too. We’re doing an emergency release to ensure that our customers can keep working.

We were affected by this as well and had to make a hotfix release.
Thanks for resetting it, but please announce such breaking changes the next time…

We are investigating what went wrong here.

We apologize for the trouble it caused, that shouldn’t have happened.

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