Unleash Agile & DevOps: Summary and Resources

Most likely you are here because we shared a link to this topic during our presentation as part of the Unleash Agile & DevOps event series.

:information_source: While these events are happening during January 2024, we will keep adding new links and resources so watch this topic if you want to know more. For major changes, we will add a comment to the post to make it clear that something new has been added.

:gear: Getting started with Forge

Here are some useful resources to get you started with Forge:

:brain: Using AI with Forge
Head to these fully working examples that you can use today:

:zap: Super-charging Agile & DevOps workflows with Forge

Presented by @nmansilla @tpettersen @rwhitbeck @heinzen @ChandanaMeka @AbhishekGhosh @NiranjanHarpale @SrinivasaRaoEaga @reddy1 in Tulsa (OK), Toronto, Ashburn (VA), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Kolkata (India), Mumbai (India), Bangalore (India) and Sydney (Australia)

:robot: Boosting productivity with advanced automation using Forge

Presented by @iragudo and @NeilMansilla in Auckland (New Zealand), Paris and London

:compass: Build the ultimate developer experience with Compass

Presented by @PatrickBrady in San Francisco (CA), Kolkata (India) and Paris

:bucket: Enhance your pull requests in Bitbucket with Forge

Presented by @ccurti in London (UK) and Barcelona (Spain)

:information_source: If you attended a talk, we’d love to hear :loud_sound: your thoughts about the sessions and which ones are beneficial to your team – feel free to leave a comment below. :pray:

Thank you for attending the events and hope to see you in the next one!