Unnecessary scrollbar on app page using Firefox and Edge

Hi All,
I am writing a Jira connect app but see a useless scrollbar on my apps page. It doesn’t appear in Chrome but does in Firefox and Edge (I used pre-chromium version of edge).

Here is a screenshot of the scrollbar:

There is no content off the bottom of the page.

Currently I import all.js with the data-options=“sizeToParent:true;resize:false;”
I’ve tried using AP.resize and AP.sizeToParent. Resize doesn’t always work (page was simply not resized, I confirmed execution of resize with logging), and it leaves this trace in the logs:
WARN: ‘triggerPrivacyPolicySafeEvent’ has been deprecated

AP.sizeToParent didn’t make any noticable change. When AP.resize worked, resizing the height below 98% removed the scrollbar. However this results in a white block at the bottom of the page which messes with my side navigation appearance in Chrome.

To reiterate: this scrollbar only appears in Firefox and Edge.
I am wondering has anyone else encountered this? If so is there a fix/workaround?
Is it a bug and/or related to the new navigation?
Inspecting the html of the page and reducing the height of the iFrame creates the exact appearance I want (no scrollbar, page reaches bottom of browser) so it seems resizing the iFrame is key.


It might be related to this: https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/JRACLOUD-69565

Thank you for the quick reply. Looking at that ticket these problems do seem similar. It’s happening in different places but the symptoms are the same. I will watch that ticket for progress.
It’s already been going for a while though so I’m open to other suggestions in the hope that it might be fixable.
~ Dominic


I also see this issue, in exactly the same way DominicCousins described it. Changing the data-options doesn’t solve the issue.



Is there any updates for this one? because we are impacted by this issue as well using Firefox, we already put the data-options="sizeToParent:true" and “ac-content” class but still not working.