Unsure what to make of bad request 'FUNCTION_ERR' in my error logs

Hi all,
A while back I wrote a custom calendar that manages users within a given amount of teams. Users are ‘linked’ to teams and admins can ‘unlink’ them.

The apps been running just fine for a number of months now, however I got an error earlier today and am unsure what to do with it.

  "message": "Bad request",
  "name": "FUNCTION_ERR",
  "stack": "Error: Bad request\n    at Function.forStatus (index.js:32833:16)\n    at getResponseBody (index.js:32864:33)\n    at GlobalStorage.query (index.js:32967:22)\n    at async GlobalStorage.getInternal (index.js:32948:48)\n    at async index.js:37634:17\n    at async resolve (index.js:32474:28)"

Given that the front-end and back-end index.js files associated with my app are very small, I can only assume that the index.js file this error is mentioning is one that exists on the live servers and I’m not sure how to debug an error like this or further investigate what went wrong. We did experience some weird behavior where users were unlinked from teams but again, it’s difficult to determine how that occurred and if it’s related to this error.

Thank you very much for your time, hope that this isn’t an embarrassingly simple question haha