Up to date Atlassian SDK Tutorial

I just started to work through the tutorials provided on the official site with the intend to develop a Jira Plugin for Jira Server.

I found out, that most of it is outdated with respect to the current version of the SDK and AMPS.

So even the very basic tutorials do not work as described (at least working on Windows). I’ve concluded that it does not make any sense to proceed, except there is a more up to date version of the tutorials fitting the current SDK version. Anyone knows some good tutorial? Could be on a external site too.

If not, does anybody have experience with how long it takes until Atlassian finally brings their tutorials to the current state of development? Possibly never. But what is the time shift inbetween?



When they are newly written, the tutorials are very good I’ve found. But they have not been maintained with each release, so they are now just a general guide. I got frustrated with this back in 2011 and wrote my own O’Reilly book Practical Jira Plugins . It too was good when written but things change and now only parts of it are useful. I can hope but not expect Atlassian will update the tutorials.

So what to do? I use the reference plugin code in the Jira source at
which has examples of many of the plugin modules.
I find open source plugins on GitHub and Bitbucket and read them.
I post questions here and talk to other developers.