Upcoming Event: Ecosystem Support Talk Time

:wave: After a nice, long break, we’re hopping back onto the event train!

@Andrew_Golokha and @chparker are joining forces to come chat about their work on Ecosystem Support. Joining Andrew and Christopher will be all of the wonderful folks on their teams who you’ve likely interacted with via tickets. This will be a great chance to connect with these people and put some faces with names.

As with previous Talk Times, we’ll kick off the conversation with a bit of content from Andrew and Christopher about the work they have knocked out in the past year. And we’ll leave plenty of time for general conversations and questions.

Although this is a very tempting opportunity for you to remind everyone of the one or two tickets that are very, very important to you, we’d like to not get that deep into the weeds. I’ll do my best to keep folks in line! :sweat_smile:


Unfortunately, we’re going to have to cancel this event. But it is not gone forever! I’m working with the team to find a new date and time that works for everyone involved.

As soon as we land on a new date and time, we will schedule a new event on the Atlassian Developers ACE chapter (Atlassian Community Events Atlassian Developers) and also make a post about it here.

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