Upcoming Product Team Talk Times

We had an awesome Product Team Talk Time event this morning with the Jira Cloud Workflows API team:

Thanks to folks who joined! Expect a follow-up post soon to capture notes and any lingering questions and conversation

I wanted to call attention to two more we have scheduled in the future!

@SrivathsavGandrathi and @JakeComito will be sharing some early thinking on updating the Marketplace Security Requirements:

And we’ve finally rescheduled @Andrew_Golokha and @syong’s chat on Ecosystem Support:

We have more in the works! Stay up-to-date and get announcements about new events by joining the ACE group for Atlassian Developers: Atlassian Community Events Atlassian Developers

What are Product Team Talk Times @bentley?

Atlassian Product teams who working on developer-facing changes are invited to come and chat about what they are up to. The format is an open call wherein the product team shares some brief slides to set the context and then plenty of time for questions and talking. They are a good opportunity for the developer community to hear a bit about where Atlassian teams are heading in their work and provide a chance to weigh in and add thoughts.


Hi @bentley,
Is it possible to get ace.atlassian.com to send meeting invites after we sign up? I’ve signed for several of these events only to miss them because I missed a sign up email or something.

Even just getting a 24 hour notice email would be awesome.


Thanks for organizing this. I think this is a super valuable opportunity for developers to better understand where Atlassian is going. Some of these happen in a timezone that makes it difficult for us to join. Any plans to record these?


Can you expand on this more? Not sure I follow. We do currently send out an email 24 hours before the event to folks who have RSVPed:

I’ve held off on recording them with the thinking that recording something makes people less likely to chat openly and it requires me to do some re-thinking of the format to make sure we’re not inadvertently recording participants without proper consent.

But, if a lot of folks would value the recordings, I’m happy to do some re-configuring to make it work. I think it’d probably look like changing the call to a webinar and recording non-Q&A sessions or something similar.

Do other folks really want recordings of these?

Hmmm… Looks like I haven’t fully been registering so never mind…

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I believe 1pm UTC is 11pm for me (Sydney time), so recordings would be appreciated.

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I’m in the same boat. :man_rowing_boat:

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Yes, please. I always sign up for these sessions in the hope of a recording and because the content sounds interesting. Unfortunately, many times the timezone is not suitable for me to attend.

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