Update: Effective September 30, 2023, this announcement category (Jira Data Center Announcements) will no longer be used to announce changes and will be converted to read-only

Hi Community!

Update: The API group for Jira Data center is now live. Please, visit Atlassian developer changelog and use the ‘Filter components’ drop down to select your group. This announcement category will be read-only effective immediately. Please, let us know if you have any questions or experience any issues.

Effective September 30, 2023, this announcement category will no longer be used to announce changes and will be converted to read-only. All changes will be posted in the Developer changelog . Please ensure you subscribe to updates from the Developer changelog to ensure you stay informed of changes. To help prevent our partners from missing critical updates to Developer changelog in the event you aren’t subscribed or miss an update, we are also featuring high-impact changes across Developer changelog within the monthly Marketplace Partner Skim blog on Partner Portal within the Product and Platform changes section.”

This is part of Atlassian’s ongoing efforts to improve the consistency of our communications with developers and partners and restore the Developer Community site to its primary purpose as a discussion and support forum.Using the Developer changelog, you’ll have the ability to:

  • Filter the types of notices at a more granular level
  • Setup one or more custom feeds across all changelog components vs. subscribing category by category

Although we’re shifting where these announcements are posted, we encourage you to continue asking questions and initiate discussions here on the Developer Community site as you do for all topics.

Here are a few tips and next steps to help ease the transition:

  • Action: Setup (or update) your subscription feed to the Developer changelog to include the components you need
  • On September 30, 2023 Atlassian will convert the announcement category to “read-only” allowing users to read historical announcements and no future announcements will be possible.
  • Ongoing: Atlassian will continue to promote changes communicated through our Developer changelog and remind users to subscribe to the changelog in regular communications posted in the partner portal as well as in content used on Developer.atlassian.com to educate all audiences about content and communication channels we use.

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