Update issue custom field value via API without going forge

I want to update an existing issue custom data field value in any of my projects, but cant find a way to update a custom field of an issue via the API. the closest i got is to make this request:


PUT request to /3/app/field/customfield_id/value
my request is body is

  "updates": [
      "issueIds": [

But i’m getting back [400] This API works only with fields provided by Forge apps.
i’m kinda new to JIRA but just trying to do a simple information PUT

(I have a webhook with JQL filter that sends the data I want to external automation platform, i translate the data and want to put back different set of data in a different custom field)

How can I do it? is there any PUT request I can make that wont result with 400 only works with forge?
i’m using Jira Cloud Platform.

Welcome to the Atlassian developer community @AVDDD,

From what you are describing, I think you just want to edit an issue using PUT /rest/api/3/issue/{issueIdOrKey}. The hard part of that operation is knowing the right syntax for your field. The docs for that are advanced field editing using JSON.

Thank you. in my case simple text so the request you gave was correct and the body:

    "fields": {
        "customfield_100XX": "YOUR-TEXT"
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