Update on Atlassian's Free cloud plans

Hi everyone,

As you all know, in October of last year we launched our new Free plans for Jira Software, Confluence, Jira Service Desk, and Jira Core. Free plans help us cater to smaller teams who need a platform that will grow alongside them, and help Atlassian and our ecosystem expand into new markets and customer segments by offering a free way to explore Atlassian’s suite of cloud products.

Since launch, we’ve seen incredible success with Free bringing in more new customers, empowering them to adopt multiple Atlassian products, and ultimately giving more people the chance to leverage our robust ecosystem. With all this success, we’ve decided to make our Free plan the primary experience for all customers visiting www.atlassian.com, rolling out over the next week. This means that when customers choose to evaluate Jira Software, Confluence, Jira Service Desk, and/or Jira Core, they will now land in the Free plan instead of the Standard plan, which provides a limited 7 day evaluation. Please note that customers can still choose to land in a Standard or Premium plan for any team size by accessing the pricing page for our products.

What this means for our Marketplace Partners

When our customers start on a Free plan of our products, they will not have a credit card on file. Same as today, customers still need to purchase apps, regardless of what plan they are on. If a customer does not have a credit card on file, their app will be removed after 2 weeks.


What does Free mean for our apps?

Good news! All existing cloud apps on the Atlassian Marketplace will work exactly the same on Free as they do today on Standard. Customers on a Free, Standard, or Premium plan can install, evaluate, and purchase apps as they do today (with no updates or patches required from vendors).

Apps that call permissions APIs in Confluence Cloud and Jira Software Cloud may experience limited functionality (see below) if a customer is using them with our Free plans. If your app calls permissions APIs, please ensure that it will fail gracefully for the Free plans of Jira Software Cloud, Jira Core, and Confluence Cloud. Currently, we don’t expect to see impact for Confluence Cloud Marketplace apps.

Will there be Free-only apps?

There are currently no plans to roll out Free-only apps, as almost all cloud apps will function the same on Free, Standard, and Premium. As such, we’re asking vendors to not include plan names (ie ‘Free’ or ‘Premium’) in their app names and listings as it would be misleading to customers. If you’re an app vendor, please be sure to read our updated Brand guidelines here.

Does Free include any new APIs?

Because we’re not supporting Free-only apps, there are currently no plans to release any new APIs. However, this may change in the future so please make sure you’re subscribed to our developer newsletter for the latest news and updates.

Do customers still need to pay for apps if they are on a Free plan?

Yes, pricing for apps will not change with the rollout of Free plans. Customers will still need to purchase apps as they have always done, regardless of which plan they are on.

Please let us know if you have questions or concerns.

The Atlassian Team

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Has Atlassian done any proactive outreach to vendors who are known to use the impacted APIs?

Hi @boris - yes when we initially launched our Free plans in October we did proactive outreach in July to any vendors that could possibly see an impact with APIs. If you didn’t receive any email, you’re likely okay but always best to double check!


Is there a way for us to identify these instances?


Do they come through as COMMERCIAL with a 10 user tier for our app in the /transactions API response?

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I understand there won’t be any “free-only” apps but are there any plans to let vendors mark their apps as free for these free plans? e.g. Allowing vendors to set $0 as the 10 user tier price?

Since this change is bringing in new customers to the Atlassian products it could also be an opportunity for vendors to gain new users if their apps can also start off as free.


@danielwester @nick currently when an app is purchased, you can see the number of users in that Tier displayed in the Transactions tab under Reports (in this case should be 10 or below). I don’t believe that it currently states what plan a customer is on, but I’ll raise this with the team to see what we can do.

@TomHarris let me chat with the team and follow up with you on this. You can offer no-cost apps, but will confirm if it can be free only for the 1-10 user tier.

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Is there a REST API that gives the license details or can be used to determine that the instance is a “Free Plan” instance so we know there are restrictions?

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Hello Bob,

Just wanted to ask if you had a chance to find a practical method for determining if an instance is Free-tier (and restrictions does apply), or if it is a standard one. I couldn’t find REST API for that, so I guess detection must be done by other means. Any suggestions?

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Since this thread continues with lingering questions about an API expressing product tier information, please watch, vote, and comment on ACJIRA-2086.