Update parcel to version 2

I am building a Jira-Alassian-Connect app, recently I run npm audit to check vulnerabilities and I got 8 high vulnerabilities (see first image) from parcel-bundler Dependency, and after searching I found that there is new version of parcel package, so when I upgrade from parcel-bundler package 1.12.4 to parcel 2.7.0 and trying to install it, I got following errors (see second image)



I’m not familiar with Parcel but looking into the module there looks to be a migration from v1 to v2 that you seem to be doing. I’d look more into these docs as it might be more entailed then just being able to do it through npm Migration

I also noticed you are on node v10.16 and although I don’t see a version requirement anywhere for parcel that might be an issue with the specific issue you’re running into but that’s speculation on my part.

Thanks for your reply, I have followed the migration documentation and upgraded my node version to 16.16.0, but now I can’t build, I got the following error. I suspect the problem is because the –global tag is no longer present.