Update workflow transition rule configurations

Is there a way to add a validator to a workflow from forge code?

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Hi @CristinaBalczar, the only way to add it is via manifest definition. If you want to make your workflow validator more robust you may use provided Storage API which could be updated by the Forge app.

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Hi @vpetrychuk, I have already created the workflow validator from the manifest, what I want is to edit a workflow and add the validator that I created from forge. Is there any rest/api service that I can use to do this. Thanks for your answer


At this moment we don’t have any REST API to edit workflows but this is something we will be working on in the future. The closest thing that exists at the moment is a create workflow API.


I feel honoured to be in this conversation :blush: - but my Jira knowledge is a little dated - so I guess you wanted to mention @CristinaBalczar

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Oops, sorry @christoffer :blush:

Thank you for your response, I will keep an eye out for further updates.