Updates to page hierarchy by setting 'ancestor' and 'position' does not reflect in the space page tree

In one of our products Scroll Documents for Confluence, we have a feature called Document Composer. The composer enables users to do the following -

  • Add new pages to a sub tree
  • Delete pages from a sub tree
  • Rename page titles
  • Update sub-tree page hierarchy

Observation #1
Last week, we discovered that updating the hierarchy wasn’t reflecting in the space page tree. Although looking at the page tree in the page hierarchy view we see that the updates are reflected.

Observation #2
If you do a slight change in the structure in the view page hierarchy, then the structure gets updated correctly and also reflects the changes from the composer.

Additional Information
We are using the ‘ancestor’ and ‘position’ parameters to update the structure of the sub-tree.

Needless to say, this issue affects one of the core functionalities in the app and hampers the user experience.

Has anyone faced this issue? Or has any workarounds?


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Is this referring to the Cloud version or the Server version?

For the Cloud version, you could consider using the new “move” API call to move the page relative to another (including after or before): https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/confluence/rest/#api-api-content-id-move-position-targetId-put

This is referring to the Cloud version. On server the same method works without problems (and as far as we can tell, it used to work on Cloud as well).

We are aware of the move API, but it would be super complicated to use that for our use case. People can drag pages around in any way, nesting them as they please, and once they hit save it would be really tricky to figure out before or after which other page to put each individual page, because that other page might also have moved.