Updating Custom Fields in a List view from filter

I’m planning to migrate from Jira Server to Jira Cloud however many apps I used to use before were able to provide me dynamic fields out of the box.


However when checking feature parity in the cloud both apps are unable to provide live dynamic fetching of the fields I need.

I’m exploring creating a forge app with custom fields as this allows me to show these fields in a JQL filter and provide latest info, however I’m looking to update this value when a list of results is returned from a filter.

Is this possible in the forge platform? Or are there any other 3rd party apps that might help with this?

Any response appreciated,

Hi, @JamesDuffy,

In Forge, field values must be updated up-front, so that their values are always immediately available. We don’t want users to wait for the latest values on each request.

Quoting the documentation of read-only fields:

The value of such [read-only] fields has to be calculated beforehand and set with the dedicated REST API. One pattern to achieve this is to listen to product triggers for events that may affect the values and update the values as necessary.

Let me know if this helps.

Hi @kkercz ,

I’m using the Value Function feature for my read-only fields.

Ideally I’d like if there was an event to show that some issues were displayed or listed so that I could also have my function invoked then. The reason being is that some values from an external system can be updated and not related to a Jira event specifically.

Are there any workarounds for this or 3rd party apps that solve this?

Unfortunately, we don’t have such events.

One solution would be to set up a scheduled trigger to periodically check which values need updating. Or you can expose a web trigger in your app that the external system will call to notify it of any changes.

Thank you for your response. I will look into that.

In the meantime I as a proof of concept I subscribed to Issue Updated events when I modify an updated field I can successfully update the dependent fields however the values on the page don’t refresh.

Is there some functionality that will allow me to have the page refresh when these values are updated (without having to use Custom UI kit)?

Also I see the Custom Field value function has a method signature that passes an array of issues, I can only hope that this is in the roadmap to include issues that are returned from a filter as this is really the solution to my use case that I’m looking for.