Updating fields in team-managed projects do not trigger FaaS event avi:jira:updated:issue

I have implemented an event-listener as FaaS and it works great with changes of issues in company-managed projects. BUT:

  • using a team-managed project, no field change triggers the event-listener at all
  • enter or update worklogs do not trigger the issue-update-event either
  • create/delete an issue link do not trigger the issue-update-event

Are there workarounds for this in Forge? Using Atlassian Connect, all that is not a problem and I cannot expect that all potential customers avoid using team-managed projects and worklogging …

Kind regards,

Hey @frank, thanks for reaching out about this issue!

I tried to replicate this on my own site, with a simple app that was created from the Forge triggers template. I was able to get this to successfully respond to Jira events from both a company managed as well as team-managed projects. The only change I needed to make was adding:

    - read:jira-work

to my manifest.

I found https://getsupport.atlassian.com/browse/JST-643732 which seems to have a similar issue. Would you be able to check it out and confirm if its the same behaviour you’re getting? If it is, we can escalate it further :slight_smile:


I have no permission to view https://getsupport.atlassian.com/browse/JST-643732

Ah sorry my bad, not sure why that’s not visible. That ticket outlines a similar issue, where the root cause seems to essentially be a missing BROWSE_PROJECTS permission re: the issue, on the system user backing your Forge app. If you could validate what permissions the system user of your app has, and if BROWSE_PROJECTS happens to be missing from it, we can escalate the issue linked in that ticket to find out what’s happening on the Jira side.

Under the hood, Forge validates whether the the app is actually allowed to access that issue, before it fires the event listener. I strongly suspect that that’s the check that’s failing here.

If we could get more info like your appId, that would also help us investigate here :slight_smile:

Hi Shraj,

I double-checked having the correct scopes defined within the manifest.yaml and found out that I receive issue update events by my app in case of “limited” or “public” team-managed projects but not for “private” team-managed projects. Creating a private team-manged project, my app hasn’t got the necessary privileges and I successfully implemented a workaround based on https://ecosystem.atlassian.net/browse/FRGE-212.

But, I do not get any event in case of work logging nor events in case of create/delete of issue links for any projects independently from their type: how can I get that as I would need it for Codegeist 2021 (at least: events when adding new work logs)?

Kind regards,