Updating pull request reviewers via REST API - 400 response "reviewers: Malformed reviewers list"

We do see occasional 400 responses “reviewers: Malformed reviewers list” when updating a pull request via the REST API [1].
The format of the “malformed” reviewers list is identical with updates that work fine.
The only difference is the length of the list.
For example adding 6 new reviewers via REST API is fine.
However adding 40 reviewers at the time does not work and returns a 400 error.

Has anyone come across this before?
Can the Bitbucket team please comment on the limitations of this API endpoint?

Thanks for your help,
// Izymes

[1] https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/bitbucket/rest/api-group-pullrequests/#api-repositories-workspace-repo-slug-pullrequests-pull-request-id-put


Also, double check that there is not ‘inactive’ account uuid in the reviewers list.
We had the HTTP 400 ‘reviewers: Malformed reviewers’ list error’ if an invactive account was on the reviewers list. (see also: Solved: Can't update PR with API - used to work).

So, we double check the accounts now before adding them to the reviewers.

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