Updating reporter field of issue, comment and worklog

Hello together,
is there any way to update the reporter of an issue, a comment and the worklog by REST API?
Actually we anonymize these information in JIRA Server by SQL scripting after an issue is closed. We want to migrate our Jira server to Jira Cloud and there is no possibility for SQL scripting anymore. Therefore it would be great, if there is a way to do it with REST API. Sadly I haven’t found any information about this in the Community.
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is there any way to update the reporter of an issue, a comment and the worklog by REST API?

Short answer, no. The user is set when these 3 resources are created and cannot be edited through the REST API.

Jira Cloud has different privacy-oriented features than Jira Server. Specifically, Atlassian Identity allows users can change profile settings to hide their name and email. Atlassian Identity also handles a range of “right to be forgotten” features (see the “Data subject rights” section of our GDPR documentation). Could you explain more about why you do this anonymization? Maybe there are some features in Jira Cloud we need rather than making you do REST API updates after every issue is closed.

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Thank you for your quick answer. Our requirement is very special. We only use this anonymization in our Incident Management project in Jira Server. All other Jira projects work normally without anonymization. The only reason is, that some colleagues do not wanted to be monitored in their work of incidents. Most colleagues are angry about this because nobody know you has solved an Incident. Sadly it is forced by a Company Agreement. If there is no solution for Jira Cloud, I have to recommend our IT Management to migrate to Jira Data Center.


I confirm there is no current solution for that kind of anonymization in Jira Cloud.