UpgradeTasks running multiple times

I’ve been getting multiple support requests of customers who are experiencing issues with an UpgradeTask that was executed more than once after migrating to JIRA 7.3+. As the specific UpgradeTask is not idempotent, this is causing data integrity issues. Has this happened to anyone else?

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Hey, I wrote a blog post on that topic a while ago. Maybe it is helpful for you: http://deja.pw/2016/12/22/how-to-check-if-update-tasks-ran-successful.html


Ok, so that could actually be part of the issue :’(
Except that in this case, the upgrade task is used to migrate from PropertySet to AO so I would not have expected this to be a requirement…

Correction: I’m not using com.atlassian.activeobjects.external.ActiveObjectsUpgradeTask, I’m using com.atlassian.sal.api.upgrade.PluginUpgradeTask. That one does not have the getModelVersion() property and should not be running multple times because SAL should register the getBuildNumber() and mark it as completed.