Upgrading postgres RDS instance on 7 Nov 11:00AM AEDT

At 11:00AM AEDT on 7 November, 2021, a database for a service used in the app installation and upgrade flow will be down for approximately 10 mins while AWS upgrades the RDS instance. AWS is forcing upgrades of 9.6 PostgreSQL RDS versions in February of 2021, so we are upgrading our dedicated RDS instances to version 12.8 ahead of time.

During this time, new app installs and app upgrades will be unavailable (upgrades will retry at the next available time window).

See here for the statuspage:

and here for the documentation regarding dropped support:

PostgreSQL: Versioning Policy

You do know that it is possible to configure redundant instances with automatic failover in RDS right? Which would allow for upgrades with zero downtime, and avoid single point of failure.

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