Upload attachment to custom content getting 403 - User not permitted

Hi guys,

I’m trying to add attachments to custom content but I keep getting 403 user not permitted to create attachments for content: ContentId{id={contentId}}.

The content that I’m trying to attach to is custom content created by using Content API. I have “write” and “space_admin” scope in my descriptor and attachments are enabled in my Cloud site. And also the user account I’m using to fire this API has the update permission to the content I attach to.

I wonder what did my missed on this part, any help will be appreciated!

Here is the screenshot of the error:

The API endpoint I’m calling: https://{myCloudSite}/wiki/rest/api/content/35749913/child/attachment?_r=1638848311480

Hi folks!

I found the reason why I’m getting 403 as a return status. It’s because I didn’t include “attachment” as one of the “supportedChildTypes” of my custom content in the descriptor. Now with the “attachment” as the “supportedChildTypes”, the API is working.

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