UPM doesn't work in Confluence 7.4: "Illegal character in path at index 36: https://my.atlassian.com/addon/try/${project.groupId}.${project.artifactId}"

UPM hangs when fetching the list of plugins, in Confluence 7.4 (all of them):

Illegal character in path at index 36: 

Obviously, it certainly comes from Confluence reading straight from some local directory, but how do you, other developers, avoid that?

Technical details:

  • I’ve unticked “Connect to the Atlassian Marketplace” in the settings, but I am still getting this issue. It is throwing it when building the URLs in the back-end, when doing a REST call to: http://confluence.local:1990/confluence/rest/plugins/1.0/installed-marketplace
  • I’ve upgraded to UPM 4.3.1,
  • Obviously it comes from Confluence reading a local directory where my atlassian-plugin.xml file isn’t transformed yet.

How do you avoid this error?
Thank you


  • I actually have the wrong, untransformed atlassian-plugin.xml in my target/ directory,
  • It is because I have upgraded Webpack,
  • …and the CopyWebpackPlugin doesn’t accept my “ignore” instruction, as highlighted by this StackOverflow post, so it overrides the normal atlassian-plugin.xml.
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