URGENT: Atlassian Connect Modal Dialogs stopped working today

Today we noticed that our menu item in the page overflow menu does not work as expected. Instead of a modal iframe appearing, the site completely changes to a https://x.atlassian.net/plugins/servlet/ac/... URL that is empty and an error flag in the lower left corner appears.

This happens in production, no DCP instance. All instances I checked are affected. We did not update our production system since yesterday. The Connect Apps of other vendors are affected as well (@jens, the same happens with “Set Scroll Page Title” from Scroll Documents).

For reproduction, just head over to our demo page, open the overflow menu on the top right and click on “Slide Presenter”. Works anonymously as well.

This is a really big problem as our cloud customers are not able to use the app. Maybe no Connect app with overflow menu items at all.

Just found out that Atlassian already knows about this and has opened an incident: Confluence Status - Cannot access Connect applications on Confluence by clicking the three dots menu

We’re also affected by this. There’s also a public issue in addition to the incident.

Our app is also affected.