Urgent! Call for Duty! for i4ware Dark Theme Development Support

I am been developing new cool Theme for Atlassian Confluence Data Center namde i4ware Dark Theme and now I need now urgent help in it’s implementing.

What to do for Atlassian Official requirements to get my App to approved?

Thank you for the reply.

As we can see, you’re showing the message when app license expires on the Confluence login page as a non-dismissible banner. Showing this message like this can be confusing for some end users since the app can be enabled for some selected spaces but not necessarily for all of them.

We would suggest the following options to implement this:

Turn the dark theme off for spaces where it was enabled. Show the message about the expired license as a notification (or a pop-up) with the “x” button when the user visits the space for the first time after the expiration date. And/or show the message about the expired license as an info (or warning) banner on the “Look and Feel” page.
Leave the dark theme mode “on” for the spaces where it was already enabled. Block users from enabling the dark theme mode for other spaces. Show the message about the expired license as an info (or warning) banner on the “Look and Feel” page.

These options are based on our observations and experience with other apps. Feel free to choose another method to implement this.

Unfortunately, we can’t answer your question about dynamic CSS files. You can raise this question on the Atlassian Community site. The Confluence support team should help you with this.

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