!URGENT HELP! how to consume the JSON output in the form of "timestamp"

IF any one can help me in consuming the JSON o/p file which contain 13 digit timestamp in java.
I had tried it with the scanner object.

@ravi_chauhan I’m not sure you’ve read my previous response. Please read how to ask technical questions to get quality answers. Specifically, you haven’t mentioned which programming language you need to consume the JSON response. You’ve provided no context for what you need to do with the timestamp, so if we guessed your programming language, we still wouldn’t know what library to recommend. On the face of your question, it seems so simple that Google would resolve it on the first hit. For example, for JavaScript, StackOverflow answers how to convert a unix timestamp into a Date object.

Please be warned that we consider it spam to repeatedly ask the same question multiple times. It makes it harder for the community to take your question seriously. The plea for urgent help is also disrespectful to the members of the community who volunteer their time to provide answers. Please wait your turn.


This is a re-posting of "Help ME!" I want to consume below JSON to get the 13 digit timestamp "1491563622856"

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I think it is a standard milliseconds since epoch.

In javascript, I was able to use Date:

var mydate = new Date ( timestamp);
print mydate.getDate();
print mydate.getMonth();

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yes, I was able to get the standard date in VBA. The dates of the changes represents when thee change happened. For issues added to the sprint it, the timestamp may represents a date before when the sprint started. I was able to get all issues at the beginning of the Sprint.