!UrgentHelp! I want to fetch the response from jira for the below fields Kindly help me in identifying the respected API

I want API or any other way to fetch the below values for Jira.

1.“Number of completed stories”
2.“Total number of stories”
3.“Total accepted stories in a sprint”
5.“Total Planned stories in a sprint”
6. “number of done stories”
7. “number of spent days”

You know, searching on Google goes a long way. Try searching for “jira software rest api” and the first 2 links will give you what you are looking for … but you will still need to look at the different APIs to get all the data that you want.

That’s how most of us got our expertise.

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Thanks for that reply @yvesriel.

@durgesh_kannan I’m closing this one as this has been answered. We want this to be a community open to everybody, but we do advise you to take a look at the documentation and search for answers first.