Use a non-static project template


I have a quite touchy problem using the project-blueprint module of jira.

This module allow to add custom configuration of projects to be added in Jira. Theses configuration can be described in a Json file as described here :

It work well :slight_smile:

But here is my problem :

You can describe the json file used to describe the project configuration as this (in atlassian-plugin.xml)

        <descriptor file="myfile.json"/>

Then at project creation Jira will seek a resource in the plugin with the name myfile.json .

I would like (and I need for the project iโ€™m working on) to be able to generate (or modify) this file or resource at Runtime when the plugin is started. As the file is read at the time Jira attempt to create the project it seem possible, but iโ€™m not able to find a way to either modify a OSGI bundle resource at Rutime or create a Dynamic resource or whatever could be a way to tell Jira to use data that is not created as a static file in the plugin.

My workaround is to modify the project configuration after itโ€™s created (in a ProjectCreateHandler) , but iโ€™m seeking a solution that can work with using the native jira template processing phase.

If you have any idea or insight about this it would be very appreciated :slightly_smiling_face: