Use context parameter in modules conditions

Hello everyone,

Is there a way to use a context variable as the value of the property key to evaluate a condition? Here is what I want to achieve:

"condition": "addon_property_exists",
                    "params": {
                        "propertyKey": "space.key"

How can I do this?


I don’t see a way to do this via the docs

Can you tell me the use case for using the context variable as the property key before I bring this to the team?

Hey @rwhitbeck.

Basically we have settings that hide/show our app based on a toggle inside space settings page. So, we decided to store that information inside an app property, being the property name the space key. That way, we’d be ready to use the same structure if we add more per space settings.

So, we need to get the json store under the space key property (if it exists) so we know if we should display or hide the app.

We already did that for jira using jira expressions, but we’re having a hard time doing the same thing for confluence. This is really a blocker for us. How can we achieve that?