Use Custom Field id in .Net with Atlassian.SDK


I get values of Custom Fields in C# with using this:


where item comes from JQL . Everything works fine, but as we have several fields with same name in our instance, I want to use CustomFieldID instead of CustomFieldName.

What is the syntax? Any advice please.

Hi @m.hamamjyan,

If you are referring to the community-created Atlassian.NET SDK, based on their documentation, only custom field names can be used and not IDs:

Use Custom Field ‘Name’ instead of ‘Id’

The API exposed to clients uses the ‘name’ of the custom field instead of the ‘id’. The ‘name’ of a custom field can be viewed directly on the web UI so it is easier to discover.

Internally, the SDK looks up the ‘id’ of the custom field by querying the metadata of custom fields from JIRA.