useConfig and MacroConfig from App


Is there an easy way to to adapt the useConfig structure that you normally use from MacroConfig or other in the App function?

From what I see:

  • The MacroConfig component should be used only at the root of the macro config function.
    I cannot adapt any useConfig settings outside of the MacroConfig and this MacroConfig cannot be placed anywhere else than the config function.

I have an application where I would like to adapt some settings through the MacroConfig menu but when nothing has been done yet, I would like to show a button on the page to adapt that from there.

Is there a way to do this? I could not find anything so far execpt for updating the content of the page where you can also find the macro configuration settings in plain text.

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Hi Tim

I’m getting the appropriate team on this.

Hey Tim

The team got back to me. Unfortunately it’s not possible to do this. The config object returned from useConfig can only be updated in the MacroConfig component.

Hi @JoshuaHwang ,

thanks for confirming this, that is what I thought.

Just to connect it here, I’ve filed a related feature request in early 2021, which is stuck on “Gathering Interest” since then and might benefit from some more votes - see FRGE-209 - Allow setting macro configuration values from code or a hidden form field

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