User consent related error with Forge app


A customer recently installed our app from the marketplace. They are getting this error:

“message”:“URL not included in the external fetch backend permissions: url. Visit for more information.”

However, when I installed the same app in a brand new instance, I am able to connect to the same URL successfully. Note, that the user consent screen is no longer shown so the user has no ability to grant access. I have double confirmed that the URL is in my manifest. Also, as I mentioned the same URL works for me in a brand new instance.

What would cause the app to error out only in this customer’s instance? Is there some instance level setting I need to be aware of?

@AdamMoore hope you don’t mind tagging you as I’ve seen you respond on the other user consent related posts.

Some additional information. The last production deployment of this app was on Nov 9th and the customer installed the app on Nov 23rd. We also never opted into the preview for the user consent feature.

Hey @GirishReddy no problem. From the error message it doesn’t sound like it would be related to the changes with the user consent screen.

I tried installing your app too which seemed fine although I don’t have a Workday to connect it to so couldn’t get very far.

We might need you to log a ticket so we can dive into the logs for this specific customer Jira Service Management

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I have the same issue and have logged a ticket

Profile - alex_sam - The Atlassian Developer Community also has the same issue

This simple app reproduces the issue Bitbucket


Hi @GirishReddy,

I think these are seperate issues, could you please open a ticket as well so that we can investigate further.


Thanks @AdamMoore @OwenFrere
I’ve created the ticket.

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Hi Team,

I can see @IanBradley’s issue is resolved in Bug in Forge External->Fetch-> Backend Forge permissions and so for the ECOHELP ticket he has, I’ll let him know.

For @GirishReddy, I’ll take a look now.


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It turns out this was a user error. The issue was that there was a leading space in front of the URL we were trying to reach. We’ll remember to add trim to our form. But possibly an area where Forge error handling could be improved. Thanks for looking into this issue.