User_created Event for forge webhooks

hello everyone.
i am having a problem with creating Dynamic webhook with ‘user_created’ as Event.
using jira rest api to create the webhook with ‘user_created’ events returns error Invalid event Ids specified
i ve been following the documentaion Register Dynamic webhook to create the webhook but user_created event doesn’t work as payload.
Is there a way to create the webhook with ‘user_created’ as event using jira restApi?

I don’t think this is related to Forge. At least from the doc for the Available Webhook. It seems possible.

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the Link you provided works for the rest/webhooks/1.0/webhook which requiers authorization…
but the rest/api/3/webhook is the endpoint supported by forge…the ‘user_created’ as payload gives “Invalid event ids specified” error…also every possible format like ‘User_created’,‘User:user_created’…etc , same error

Not exactly sure what you’re trying to after… but it was pretty straightforward…

Here is what I have set following the guide here

As you can see, it detected the event flawlessly without the need of authorization.

my problem is i want to create the webhook itself with forge through api…
the forge api to create the webhook /rest/api/3/webhook doesn’t support the event i want ‘user_created’…
i tried the “user_created” event as payload but it gives the ‘Invalid event ids specified’ error
the only other way i can find to create the webhook is using fetch call to /rest/webhook/1.0/webhook which requiers auth to create the webhook *since forge doesn’t support this endPoint * so it’s not a valid way.
so i am asking if there is a way to create the webhook through api other than the 2 ways i mentioned or a workaround to create the webhook with ‘user_created’ event through this endpoint /rest/api/3/webhook

Sorry for that. I don’t think I get what you’re saying, I might get you wrong again.

Anyway, the way I understand what you’re saying is not referring to a webhook but rather as an event. Where your forge app is trying to listen to change happening in the Atlassian. I don’t think there is a way for you to listen to the event.

For that, you’re right, the docs didn’t mention anything about user_created. Forge API also doesn’t have anything that links you to the Jira Administrator API.

Sorry, can’t be of help here. I guess we have to leave this to Atlassian to assist you.

I’m afraid neither user webhooks nor user product events are supported in Forge.
I recall a ticket requesting for them: [FRGE-863] - Ecosystem Jira.

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As far as I know only Connect and OAuth 2.0 apps can register webhooks dynamically using this concrete REST API - plus the supported subset of webhook events is extremely limited here.