User did not have access to specified resource(s) error at @forge/bridge invoke

I have a custom field type which uses a Custom UI context config.
From the context config module, I call two functions in my resolver using invoke method of @forge/bridge. One of them calls “/rest/api/3/project” to get projects and the other one calls “/rest/api/3/field/${customFieldId}/context” to get the contexts of the field. However, it seems like the functions are never invoked, no logs from the functions are printed. And I see the following error on the console: “User did not have access to specified resource(s) error”. What might be the problem?
Thanks for the help in advance.
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Interesting, a couple of questions to investigate further.

Are you still facing this issue?

If you run forge tunnel do you still see these types of errors?

If you could mention your app id here or as a DM that would be greatly appreciated.

Would you also be able to find the connected network call? There should be a header called x-trace-id that would help us further investigate.

Yes I am still having the problem. It happens while running forge tunnel as well. The id of the app is ari:cloud:ecosystem::app/9cb51718-f542-49ba-803e-3f93a6faf4ce. I found the connected network call. However, its status is “canceled”. Because of that, there is no response and I can’t find x-trace-id.

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I am currently investigating a support request where a user of our production app is experiencing a similar message in the UI when the contextConfig function is triggered via the configure custom field ui. Our app uses UI Kit. This might be the same issue.

I can reproduce this in the dev environment, x-trace-id: 841008fa4d0b0413:

The GraphQL response is:

{"data":{"invokeAuxEffects":{"success":false,"errors":[{"message":"User did not have access to specified resource(s)","extensions":{"errorType":"RESOURCE_ACCESS_DENIED","statusCode":400,"__typename":"GenericMutationErrorExtension"},"__typename":"MutationError"}],"result":{"effects":[{"type":"render","aux":{"type":"View","children":[{"type":"ErrorPanel","props":{"error":{"message":"Something went wrong","errorMessage":"User did not have access to specified resource(s)"}},"children":[]}]},"state":{}}],"contextToken":null,"__typename":"AuxEffectsResult"},"__typename":"InvokeAuxEffectsResponse"}},"extensions":{"gateway":{"request_id":"841008fa4d0b0413","crossRegion":false,"edgeCrossRegion":false,"deprecatedFieldsUsed":[]}}}

I also experience this behavior when using Forge tunnel.

Thank you for your help!

our customers reports same problems with the custom field configuration (custom field type module). We use CustomUI in the front-end. We can also reproduce it on any environment.

x-trace-id: aed627d0788e6d27


Sorry for the issue, we’re actively investigating the root cause. Will post some updates once availabe.

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Please see Atlassian Developer Status - Intermittent issues in Forge Function Invocation capability for the latest on this issue.


Also experiencing this issue, for CustomUI.
The issue is in a spaceSettings module, but only occurs for some Spaces/Users.

Error results in User did not have access to specified resource(s) when trying to use any call (The function requested never gets called, so aside from the above error, no further log information is provided).

Issue only replicated in production, development using forge tunnel is not replicating the error.