User impersonation for forge app

I want to copy worklogs for users selected using a multi-user picker.

In Jira automation, I need to set up rules for each individual, and I can only record worklogs as the API token holder using Basic Authentication.

Therefore, I am considering developing an extension.
I know that user impersonation is possible with act_as_user in connect apps, but I would like to avoid the need for server setup.

In the following link, it seems that impersonation is not possible in Forge apps, but is this still the case?
Is it possible to do in a similar way as the connect app or a different method?

I don’t think this is yet possible in Forge. You can do API requests asUser for the current user only.

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Thank you for your prompt response.
I would like to consider development as the Connect app.

I hope that impersonation will be supported in the future in forge and automation.