user.isExternalCollaborator auto adding to my atlassian connect app

Hi , i have a question regarding url of atlassian connect app. I am using Spring Boot and for some reason i have this parameter in my url
https://{{host}}/wiki/plugins/servlet/ac/{{addon}}/main ?user.isExternalCollaborator=false
But i dont have anywhere in project where i explicitly add this parameter , maybe there is some sort of variable in atlassian-connect.json i need to set to hide or remove this parameter from url , or any other suggestion how i can get rid of this

This user.isExternalCollaborator was added by Atlassian with the rollout of guest users. You can’t enable/disable this parameter.

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I confirm @marc’s answer. And to elaborate on “guest users”, refer to RFC-9 from May this year. The most important bit might be the resolution. To summarize, that is a Confluence feature where customers can share pages with people outside their organization.