User keys, and user API migration / conversion

Currently I’m experimenting with the following API method:

GET /wiki/rest/api/user/bulk/migration

When I add a user name as query parameter, the response just includes the username, and no accountId. Is this API still supposed to work, or is it deprecated?

I’m asking because some old customers had old data not containing an accountId, and I’d like to convert the data to accountId.

Edit: If I add a fantasy user name, the API just echoes back the fantasy name.

Hi marc,

The API should still work. I just tested it myself and when I had the correct username wiki/rest/api/user/bulk/migration?username=correct it returned a response with the username and accountId but when I had the wrong username wiki/rest/api/user/bulk/migration?username=wrong, the response just had the username without an accountId.

My guess is the username you are using is wrong (it needs to match what the username was back in 2019, not what it is now).


Hi @jjohn ,
Thank you for the explanation. Indeed, the user name changed since 2019. That helps a lot.