User menu web section id in Bamboo

Hi everyone,

I’m developing an atlassian plugin which runs on Jira, Confluence and now I want to adjust it to Bamboo. I want to add web item (simple link) to the user menu marked on the picture below in red rectangle:

I use the following statement in atlassian-plugin.xml:

<web-item application="bamboo" key="bamboo-user-settings-link" section="system.user/userconfig" weight="999">
       <label>My plugin user settings</label>

as you can see I used section system.user/userconfig, but unfortunatelly link is not added to the user menu, when I run Bamboo with my plugin.

Is this a proper section name? If not how can I determine section name?

Hi @psz,

Do you see any error in your Bamboo Log file or in the developer tools console of your browser when opening the menu?

You should be able to drop the application attribute, that doesn’t exist according to the documentation:

I’m also not sure if that is the User Profile Tab. Can you please check if your link isn’t simply showing up when you click on the Profile button?

For Bamboo you want:

You can use to find most of the locations for web-items.


Thank you for your advices.
I fixed the problem.
First I had wrong section name, I used and it works great. Second issue I had was, that in label I should use i18n key (in my case:, not message itself (My plugin user settings).
This is the result code which works:

<web-item application="bamboo" key="bamboo-user-settings-link"
	section="" >
	<label key="" />
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