User profile custom fields and data

I would like to know if there is any way to populate custom user data in the user profile hover box?

I.e we have a custom connect app and would like to populate data from our connect app for our users into the profile box that appears on Jira when hovering an assignee or reporter or other user field. So in this image, there are 2 fields (name and job title) in blue and 4 fields (email, user timezone time, organization and location) below that. I would like to update those and add possible new ones too.


Please advise?

Thank you

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I think you are looking for this:

You will need to verify your domain and generate an organizational API token to be able to access this API.

Interesting - thanks for that @KCWong - I will be sure to look at that.

But from quick glance, I would also like to add additional custom properties in that list of data per user. So for example, in addition to the 4 above, I want to show perhaps something like, our internal staff ID/code OR a staff’s managers name, etc.

Thank you again

For that purpose, there’s the User Property REST APIs you can use:

But note that:

  1. If you are familiar with the user properties screen back in Server/Data Center (where you can view them in the user’s properties page and edit them, and the properties will be prefixed by “jira.meta.”), no this User Property is a completely different thing. The one from Server/Data Center is now called legacy property, which is still accessible in Jira Cloud’s UI but not the REST API above.

  2. The new User Property, accessible only via the REST API above, not accessible via any Jira Cloud pages AFAIK.

  3. The User Property REST API is in your Jira instance, so it is only for your instance’s users. The User Management API in my last reply is for the Atlassian account.

Sorry for the very late reply @KCWong - I have found a way to make do with the default Organization, Location, Job title and display name fields using this

Wouldve been nice if the custom user properties could have been presented on the cloud user profile UI.

Hope it helps others.

Thank you