User select field not displaying properly UI Kit form


Hi, per the attached image, when I am displaying the UserPicker on a form in JSM it is all squashed over to the left hand side, the wording I expect to be to the right of the icon.

Has anyone seen this before, is there something I need to put on the form for the UserPicker to hepl it align better?


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That’s a recently filed problem tracked here:

I do not know why a Forge related bug has been filed in this new ECO project rather than the existing FRGE one, possibly just an artifact of Atlassian support forwarding platform issues reported by end users to a dedicated platform scoped project - still makes it more difficult to track things on our end, can you maybe shed a light on this @AdamMoore?

Hmm yeah not sure @sopel. I’ll follow up with Rodrigo and get it moved over to FRGE.

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