UserPicker empty in UI Kit 2, HTTP 403 in console

I have a Forge UI Kit 2 UserPicker that works for me in my dev site but doesn’t populate on my friend’s site. What we see on his site is that clicking it shows its loading spinner for a fraction of a second, then the spinner disappears but no users are shown.

On his site I notice that every time I click it a HTTP 403 appears in the JS console for POST This does not happen on my dev site.

The UserPicker is very simple:

        label="Whose tasks would you like to view?"

The app already had the read:jira-work permission and I added read:jira-user but that didn’t change the result.

Am I doing something wrong here, or is this a bug? What can I do to get the UserPicker working?

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Hi @PeterBrownlow1,

Which extension point is this app installed in? Also you may need to reconfigure the project permissions on your friend’s site - see this page about permissions - where they need to grant you permissions to a (multi-)user/group picker custom field.

Let me know if that doesn’t work and I will try and replicate your case.


Hi Yuwei,

The app is installed onto 2 extension points: jira:globalPage and jira:dashboardGadget. I see the same behaviour in both places.

Unfortunately when I click the link to the page about permissions I get redirected to Atlassian Documentation | Atlassian Support | Atlassian Documentation . I’m guessing that either it doesn’t exist anymore or, ironically, I lack permission to view it.