Users can only choose to display/hide addon's webpanel if they have the EDIT_ISSUE permission

We have a quick-add-button for displaying a web panel (location atl.jira.view.issue.left.context). When the user clicks on this button, then the web panel loads and it’s displayed and then the user can also hide it using the Hide <addon> button.

The problem is that those actions make a call to /rest/api/2/issue/{issueKey}/properties/{addon-key} and according to the Jira Cloud API documentation, that endpoint requires the EDIT_ISSUE permission.

So if a user doesn’t have that permission, they’ll click on the quick-add button for our app but nothing will happen, as the call to the properties endpoint fails with 403.

Is there any way around this or should we hide the quick-add button if the user doesn’t have the edit issues permission?

It is possible to show/hide WebPanel conditionally using conditions property. In your case the has_issue_permission with EDIT_ISSUE parameter should work: