Using API with card PowerUp

Hi All!

I just started getting into PowerUp development (thanks Trello!) and am attempting to utilize the Rest API within a PowerUp. I’ve journeyed through the documentation and it definitely seems possible, looks like I just need to create an app.

Here comes the dumb question: is the powerup I’m creating considered an app or is that something else entirely? (Please forgive my ignorance…)

No dumb questions here.

Yeah it’s an app.

Wondering though why you’re asking that? What’s the context behind knowing if it’s an app or not?

Thanks for responding Ralph!

Reason being is that I don’t know what the difference is between an App vs. PowerUp

Power up is an app you would build to integrate/install with-in Trello. It’s just a nice marketing name. In the end it’s an app that you install in Trello.

Similar to Jira/Confluence where a Connect app is an app that you install in those products.

Hope that helps.

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Ooooooo…now it makes sense, and I would get my app key from the and for the title I could use the PowerUp name, correct? (I’m referring to what the documentation is stating)

How would you recommend storing that information utilizing GitHub Pages? Would that be in Secrets section of the repository settings?

This is a great question. Here is how I think about it.

There are integrations that make use of Trello’s REST API. For instance, the Trello for Gmail add on allows users to create cards from their emails.

There are Power-Ups that make use of Trello’s Power-Up Platform. Power-Ups are always “enabled” on a board; generally this happens from the Power-Up directory: Power-Ups only receive read access to the board on which they are enabled. They generally add functionality and some sort of UI/UX inside of the Trello client.

Some Power-Ups make use of the REST API, but not all.

If you want to add some sort of functionality inside of Trello (be it a card button, card back section, or another capability, you want to build a Power-Up. If you are wanting to interact with Trello via the REST API, but don’t need any of the capabilities, you don’t need to do anything with Power-Ups.

Trello API keys are meant to be publicly available. When a user grants your application access to their account (via the 1/authorize page), a token is generated specifically for that user. Tokens should be kept secret as they are used to access Trello as that user. So it is OK to have your API key (but no tokens!) publicly available in a GitHub Pages app.


Hey Bentley! Thanks for the response! It’s an honor to chat with half of the duo from the tutorial videos!

The above is all good information, as well as recommendations. Very much appreciated.

Are there any good examples of Power-Ups utilizing both the REST API and Capabilities on GitHub?

My initial thought right now is to have a board button that creates a card, labels it, maybe take some information from the user, and utilizes a capability (card-buttons, card-badges, etc.). This way the process is more automated and less manual.

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I think that this Glitch project has everything you’re looking for.

Awesome! Thanks so much for this Bentley, very much appreciated!